Sunday, September 13, 2009

poem for peace

love is the question
indifference is the answer
wisdom is niagara falls
ignorance is the bahamas

st joseph is the customer

salome is the waitress

buddha is the bottle of ketchup

you are the tablecloth

there was this girl in high school

i liked her

she didn't like me

woolly mammoths roamed the corridors

woolly mammoths in the corridors

sabre tooth tigers in the gym

in gray and white spats & propeller beanies

not quite out of the top drawer

it's time for tea

outside it's the future

domed cities and moving sidewalks

i'm ok with it

the duchess of windsor pours oolong tea

buck rogers eats a blueberry scone

crispus attucks & simon legree

play basketball in the wind


caravagio would have loved baywatch

as el greco loved survivor ii

and realized his whole life was a lie

in the long centuries

before orange spandex

and lifeguard chairs

in the blue light

beyond san clemente

and the pikemen disappear
and the terrified monks
and mortality itself

in the white smiles of huntington beach

never such arms in florence

or legs outside st peters