Tuesday, October 27, 2009

lonely boy blues

i'm just a lonely boy, lonely and blue
nobody cares what i say or do
nobody cares what i know or think
nobody cares what i eat or drink

nobody cares if my limo is waitin
or i worship jesus allah or satan
nobody cares if my star is fadin
or i carry a picture of omar bin laden

in my wallet with my mom and dog
or how many lonely miles i slog
or the baby jesus in his manger
turns me away - the flaming stranger

Thursday, October 15, 2009

poem # 4

have you ever loved a woman
and she didn't love you back?
have you ever been hit by a freight train
when you were walking down the track?

have you ever watched a bumblebee

hover over a flower?

have you ever wished you could live forever

just for one hour?

have you ever watched a raindrop

disappear down a drain?

have you ever stepped on a spider

and never felt its pain?

have you ever gone to the drugstore

and ordered a sandwich there

and eaten it and eaten it and eaten it

till people started to stare?

have you ever loved a woman

and she called you a pathetic fool?

have you ever sat on the sidewalk

and wished you didn't have to go to school?